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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a musical instrument and pull out the composer you carry inside

Create Music

Whether you’re looking to impress with new rhythms or feel like a real DJ, these apps are for you. But apps are not only for those who already have experience, but also serve to stimulate creativity in those with little or no prior musical knowledge. Undoubtedly, the music is to be enjoyed, and who does not want to play for a while and see what happens? Maybe he even discovered a well-kept talent. Be sure to try these apps to compose your own music.


Among the best rankings on the App Store (iOS) is Figure, to compose music in minutes, in the doctor’s line or while waiting for the bus. It is one of the best options for beginners, and super addictive. Its simple interface allows you to do something quite catchy with only a couple of maneuvers, even if you have no idea what you are doing. But once you get the beat, you have many more sophisticated options in the depths of the app, able to entertain you for endless hours.


A similar application is Keezy. With just eight color pictures on screen (each to record different rhythms) you can hang out and take advantage of your musical skills, if you have them. It is only available for iOS and has no cost.

Ninja Jamm

If you are a lover of electronic music, you will be delighted. He was never so close to being a true DJ. This app combines music and software and will allow you to make any remix, reinvent songs, and then share your creations in Soundcloud. It is available for Android and iOS and it’s free.


This app takes music production to the next level. Visually captivating and dynamic, Animoog is the first professional synthesizer designed for iPad (iOS). With a musical richness of the analog Moog synthesizers, it will make you get really impressive sounds. Despite its price (US $ 29.99), it is a good investment for anyone interested in music.

Music Maker JAM

It may be your chance to jump to fame. Music Maker JAM lets you select from thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and melodies to mix your own track. It includes more than 200 packs of different musical genres (hip hop, rock, pop, funk, techno, and house, ambient and jazz, among others) that you can easily combine. It is available for Android and iOS, at no cost.


As easy as fun, this intuitive app will give you the ability to create your own track, with the rhythm and sound you want. You can work in loop and layers, overlaying compositions or creating mixes from other songs. You can equalize each of them to your liking, as well as specify the volume, echo or reverb level. Available for Android and iOS for free.


Some of the best compositions come up spontaneously and here is where ScoreCloud appears to help you. This app will transcribe to the musical language what you sing or play: a function more than useful for moments of inspiration. It may interest the instrumentalists and even those who learned the most amateur but need a score. It also has an intuitive interface and is able to recognize melodies in virtually any environment, from a studio to a small touch. It’s the Google Music Translator, Available for iOS. Its price is US $ 2.99.

RD4 Groovebox

A fairly complete application that simulates a synthesizer and beatbox for Android. Ideal for composing and playing electronic music with a tablet, including all the basic functions you can expect to create beats, and different modes for the synthesizer. Its price is US $ 5.45.


You can record your instruments in layers and modify them to your liking. In addition you will have all kinds of adjustments at your fingertips (equalizers, volumes, etc.). GarageBand is a real jewel for fans of composition: it’s like having a recording studio on your cell phone. As only available for iOS, some alternatives for Android are Pocketband , EasyBand Lite and Walk Band (all free).

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