Test the strength of the Galaxy S8


A video succumbs the device to all sorts of test experiments

On YouTube channel, vlogger JerryRigEverything find out how tough the new flagship Samsung is.

In the video, the phone is subjected to several tests, the first being the scratches. Here the device comes out quite well, since its screen and the glass of the back part do not scratch until receiving a strong aggression.

However, with a softer tool such as a normal knife, the ring surrounding the camera and the fingerprint reader do suffer damage. In addition, the metal frame surrounding the terminal and the surface finish are marred relatively easily.

As usual on its channel, the Youtuber also put the Galaxy S8 in a test of fire. After 30 seconds in contact with the flame of a lighter, the screen began to show a whitish stain, but after this the panel recovers without any marks left.

Finally, the phone is subjected to a flexibility test. Faced with this, the terminal hardly undergoes a slight flexion and none of its components is affected.

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