Bitcoin reaches record price


The cryptocurrency bitcoin exceeded US $ 1,900 for the first time

Photo: Wikimedia

From one day to the next, the price of bitcoin exceeded $ 1,900, which is a record figure.

This quote has apparently been triggered by news in early April that Japan will allow bitcoins to be used as a legal payment method in the country.

In addition, Russia’s largest online retailer, Ulmart, said it will begin accepting the digital currency even though the territory had denied it would accept it until 2018.

Born in 2009, bitcoin is the most used cryptoNeon in the world. It is a decentralized system, without the backing of governments or financial institutions that uses asymmetric systems of cryptography. This means that the owner of the virtual wallet is unknown, which makes it impossible to trace the authors of the transactions.

Currently, bitcoin is selling at $ 1,938.81 per unit. You can check the latest price here .

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