How to know who visits my Facebook profile


Who visits my Facebook profile

You should know that there is no specific way to know who visits your Facebook profile but, yes, there is a simple, fast and effective trick that shows you the people who most access your profile page and, therefore, They see you more often. Are you interested in knowing? Well, keep reading this article which tells you how to know who visits your Facebook profile.

You will need to:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A Facebook account


  1. We start by explaining the best trick to know who visits your Facebook profile It is a very simple process and does not need extra installations since it is done directly from the home page of your Facebook account, where you get the news and news about your friends.
  • Being on this page of the social network you must press the F12 key or right click and select “Inspect”. Then, a screen will open to the right with a series of numbers and codes; this is the source code of the page.
  1. When you are in this screen you will have to press the CTRL key and F at the same time and, in this way, you will be opened a small box or tab to search. In this box you must enter the word “InitialChatFriendsList”, without the quotes, and you will see new results at the top of this screen.
  2. The results that appear after the word “InitialChatFriendsList” are numerical codes.These are finished in “-2”, but to know who visits your Facebook profile you will only need the numbers prior to this final part. These numbers are the code of the profile of this social network of the people who most enter your profile and with whom you recently chatted in Facebook Messenger.
  3. To find out who it is, you only have to copy the previous numbers to “-2” and paste them into the bar of your browser after the domain of the Facebook page. For example:
  4. In this way you will directly access the profile of this social network of who has visited or upset you lately. You can repeat the process to unveil all the codes and see all the people who enter your Facebook page.
  5. Another excellent option to know who visits your Facebook profile is to install the Facebook Flat extension. This extension will allow you to see who enters your profile, but you should know that it only works for Google Chrome, so you must install it in this browser and access your account through it.

Once the Facebook Flat is installed, simply go to the left column and click on the Profile Visitors option, where the list of people who have accessed your profile will be displayed. Fast and easy!

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