How many deaths have been counted in space exploration?


A video reviews the casualties between humans and animals

Space Exploration

The YouTube channel Second Thought made a video reviewing the deaths suffered in space exploration. For example, 12 monkeys have perished in different missions, either during the journey or the landing. One of them was Albert II, the second monkey that was sent to the space and that died in the impact of the rocket in its return to the Earth.

The mortality rate of the astronaut dogs is around 20%. Laika is the best known case. He traveled in Sputnik 2 without a survival plan. More luck ran their coggas Tsygan and Dezik, in 1951. Both survived the flight.

The same has happened with mice, cats, turtles, rabbits and frogs.
The first space travel with animals occurred in 1947 with fruit flies aboard the V-2. They only had the company of some corn seeds, mission? Know the effects of radiation at a high altitude.

And human beings, The video counts up to 18 deaths during space missions, with the exception of the three deaths that occurred in Apollo 1 during a test. The most catastrophic accidents were the explosion of the Challenger shuttle in 1986 and Columbia in 2003. In each case seven people died.

The first death in a crash in flight was that of Vladimir Mijáilovich, the only crew member of Soyuz 1 in 1967. The ship suffered a failure in the parachute on its return to Earth.

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